In Cabo Verde rain and water are the phenomenon that shapes the country and minds of rural people every year. There is just a month of rainy season during a year and it doesn't happen every year. After the appearance of global warming, rains are more rare and unpredictable. If it rains, the whole country changes: Acacia trees become greener and the red soil is covered by wild plants, corn, beans, pumpking and vegetables. Rural people store large portion of the crop, because they never know, if next year there will be rain.
AGÚ DI TCHUBA Lda is a project of utopic enterprise that transports rainwater from Europe, where large part o Caboverdian population lives to Cabo Verde islands. As an act of help by european immigrants a container boat holding traditional ceramic pots is sent on journey from Lisbon. The exhibition is documenting whole journey of rainwater caught in Europe up to the moment when it is splashed out from he high mountains of Santiago island by women from Trás di Munti region.
Solo exhibition in Šopa gallery, Košice, Slovakia 2016
curator: Marek Kuchár
photo: Tatiana Takáčová